Google Maps Marketing: The Quick, Critical (and Free) Step 88% of Local Business Owners Have Missed

by Adam Kreitman

For local businesses, Google Maps is the most important place to be on the search engines right now.

The Google Maps local business listings are featured very prominently on Google and have photos, reviews, ratings and other information that really make them stand out to people looking for local businesses and professionals to do business with.

Google has created a web page, called a Place Page, for most businesses in the U.S. that has a lot of helpful information about each business. The really cool thing is that you can claim and customize the Place Page for your business…for free!

Yet it’s reported that 88% of business owners have yet to take even the first basic step of creating a compelling, optimized Place Page which is simply claiming the Place Page for your business. My friend Bob Sommers has put together a 2 minute video that shows you how to find out whether your business’ Place Page has been claimed or not and how to claim it if you haven’t.

If you don’t know what a Place Page is or not sure whether yours is claimed or not, watch Bob’s Google Maps Marketing video here.

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