A Big Disadvantage of Facebook PPC?

by Adam Kreitman

There’s a trend I’ve noticed in the Facebook PPC campaigns I’ve managed and has been noted by others using Facebook PPC as well.

That trend is that performance of your ads in Facebook tends to fade fairly quickly.

This makes sense when you think about it.

As you market to a particular demographic with a particular ad (or set of ads), the people you’re targeting grow weary of that ad after seeing it a few times. At that point they’ve either clicked on it or not and your clickthrough rate tails off.

At that point you either have to target a new demographic or make some fairly significant changes to your ads to get interest back up.

What this means for those setting up and managing campaigns in Facebook is that Facebook PPC requires a lot of attention and close monitoring.

Compare that to Google AdWords where when you find the right keyword/ad combination(s), it’s possible to leave things on autopilot for a while and not have to worry about it. Not to say the performance will stay strong forever, but campaigns certainly seem to have more staying power in AdWords.

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