Internet Marketing vs. marketing on the internet

by Adam Kreitman

Internet Marketing and marketing on the internet may sound alike but they are two very different things.

Internet Marketing (capital “I”, capital “M”) is an industry.

Internet Marketers use tools like PPC, SEO, article marketing, video marketing, social networking, etc. largely to sell informational products and services aimed at teaching others how to use PPC, SEO, article marketing, video marketing, social networking, etc.

And it can a be a very incestuous industry where Internet Marketers sell info products and services to a very eager audience of other Internet Marketers (or aspiring Internet Marketers) who become affiliates for these products and services and sell them to yet other Internet Marketers, who turn around and . . . well, you get the picture.

There are a lot of very smart people playing in this space that genuinely deliver excellent content on how to drive traffic and make money in Internet Marketing. There are also a lot of snake oil salesman that target the get rich quick crowd with false hopes and over-hyped promises.

On the other side there’s marketing on the internet. This uses many of the same techniques that Internet Marketers use like PPC, SEO, article marketing, video marketing, social networking, etc.  In marketing on the internet, however, these techniques are applied to traditional businesses to sell more tangible products and services and to promote brick and mortar businesses.

People who market on the internet successfully tend to take the marketing strategies that have served them well offline and figure out how to do them faster, cheaper, better with the tools and techniques available online.

Internet Marketing is a highly saturated, hyper competitive industry. And as the economy worsens, it’s becoming even more so as more people turn their hopes to the promise of making money online to supplement or replace lost income from other sources. While many do find some success, it’s not as quick or as easy as the sales pitches make it out to be.

The greater opportunity between the two, I believe, lies in marketing on the internet. Two areas in particular:

  • Local businesses
  • Experts (consultants, coaches, authors, speakers, etc.)

Most business owners in these areas are still in the dark about how to strategically apply Internet Marketing techniques to effectively position their businesses and/or create additional (and oftentimes, passive) income streams. Those who do rule their kingdom – at least until the competition catches on.

I’m not saying one is better than the other here. Only that Internet Marketing and marketing on the internet are different and I think currently there are greater opportunities in the latter.

Do you agree with this assessment? Do you distinguish between Internet Marketing and marketing on the internet?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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