Do You Have LFAQs on Your Website?

by Adam Kreitman

I’ve already made an argument for including an “About You” page on your website. The basic idea is that while everyone has an About Us page that describes you and/or your company, customers don’t care. They care about themselves so you should have a page on your site, the About You page, that describes your ideal customer.

Another page that frequents websites is the FAQ page. Businesses use it to list the Frequently Asked Questions they get asked about their business. The problem with FAQs is that they are asked, well, frequently.

Frequent is common.
Frequent is what prospects are asking your competitors.
Frequent focuses on similarities.

What if you were to focus on LEAST Frequently Asked Questions instead?

The questions that are uncommon.
The questions that you wish your customers would ask you, but usually don’t.
The questions that focus on what sets you apart from the competition, not makes you similar.

What questions do prospects not frequently ask you that you could add to your website? How can you use these questions to uniquely position your company to set you apart from the competition? Please post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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